Instructions for applicants applying for a scholarship coming to Uppsala University

For all our projects in Erasmus Mundus Action 2 applications are lodged through the relevant project website. You can find all our current EMA2 projects here.

The different projects offer scholarships at various levels and at a variety of durations. Please check the website of each project to find out what is on offer. All projects have their own application procedures. Please make sure to read the instructions carefully before submitting an application.

For applications to Uppsala University we require some specific information in certain cases. Please refer to the information relevant to your situation below.

A. I am currently a registered student at bachelor or master level (first cycle or second cycle) and I am interested in doing part of my degree in Uppsala University for the duration of 1-2 semesters as an exchange student.

B. I have already finished my bachelor degree (first cycle) and I am interested in coming to Uppsala University in order to study for a master degree.

C. I have already finished my master degree (second cycle) and I'm interested in coming to Uppsala University in order to study for a PhD degree.

D. I am a PHD student and would like to do part of my training/research at Uppsala University.

E. I have finished my PHD degree and would like to apply for a Post-Doc position at Uppsala University.

F. I am an academic/administrative staff member at one of the partner universities in the current projects and would like to visit Uppsala University.


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