Application for degree studies at master level

This type of scholarship is available through the following Projects


Uppsala University offers a wide range of master programmes which you can find below. If the project you intend to apply through offers scholarships at master level for the duration of 22 months you can apply for master degree studies at Uppsala University. Some projects also offer 10 months scholarships at master level. Please clearly indicate if you are applying for 10 months exchange studies or if you are interested in one of our 1 year master degree programs.

Please be aware that applications to master programmes through Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects are ONLY submitted through each project website. Applications through Erasmus Mundus has a separate application procedure.

In your Erasmus Mundus application it is important that you specify what master programme(s) you are interested in. If your choice of program is not clear in your application it will be dismissed as incomplete.


Please check the requirements for admission, including language requirements. Normally you will need an English test to prove your language skills, however there are some exemptions.

Also have a look at the master programme(s) you are interested in to check if there are any specific requirements for your programme, such as a thesis or letter of intent.

Please make sure any documents necessary for the application (like transcripts, degrees) are translated by an authorised translator to English.

If you are expecting to finish your undergraduate degree after the deadline of application you may still apply if you provide us with an official certificate from your university that you are expected to graduate before June 30.



Applied Biotechnology, 120 credits 
Bioinformatics, 120 credits 
Biology, 120 credits, specialisations:
  Cell and Molecular Biology
  Ecology and Conservation
  Environmental Toxicology
  Evolutionary Biology
  Genetic and Molecular Plant Science
  Immunology and Infection Biology
  Limnology - Ecology and Environment of Inland Waters
  Nabis - Nordic Master in Biodiversity and Systematics
Chemistry, 120 credits, specialisations:
  Analytical Chemistry
  Bio and Nano Materials - New!
  Chemical Biology
  Chemistry for Renewable Energy
  Organic Chemistry
  Physical Chemistry
  Theoretical Chemistry
Computational Science, 120 credits
Computer Science, 120 credits, specialisations:
  Computer Science 
  Concurrency and Parallel Programming - New!
  Sino-Swedish Master, Computer Science - Software Engineering
Earth Science, 120 credits, specialisations:
  Physical Geography
Embedded Systems, 120 credits 
Mathematics, 120 credits, specialisations:
  Financial Mathematics
Molecular Biotechnology, 120 credits 
Physics, 120 credits, specialisations:
  Astronomy and Space Physics
Sustainable Development, 120 credits
Wind Power Project Management, 60 credits - at Campus Gotland!


Biomedicine, 120 credits 
Forensic Science, 120 credits
Infection Biology, 120 credits
International Health, 120 credits
Medical Nuclide Techniques, 120 credits
Medical Research, 120 credits - New!
Molecular Medicine, 120 credits 


Business and Management, 120 credits - New!
  Financial Management
  Management Controlling
  Management in a Global Society
  Management of International Business
  Strategic Marketing Management
Early Modern Studies. Northern Europe 1450-1850, 120 credits
Economics, 120 credits
English, 120 credits
Global Environmental History, 120 credits 
Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 120 credits
Humanities, 120 credits, specialisation:
  Cultural Anthropology
Human-Computer Interaction, 120 credits
Information Systems, 120 credits
International Tax Law and EU Tax Law, 60 credits
Investment Treaty Arbitration, 60 credits
Language Technology, 120 credits
Peace and Conflict Studies, 120 credits
Political Science, 120 credits
Religion in Peace and Conflict, 120 credits
Scandinavian Studies120 credits
Social Sciences, 120 credits, specialisation:
  Digital Media and Society
Statistics, 120 credits
Sustainable Management, 60 credits - at Campus Gotland!


More information

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Other types of scholarships

Uppsala University can also offer other sources of scholarships for master degree studies.
Here is a list of other scholarships available.

Please be aware that you need to follow a different application procedure in order to be taken into consideration for these scholarships. More information about the regular application procedure for master degree studies at Uppsala University.